Solution: Manipulating eZXML Document Contents

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Problem - Example #1

I need to modify the contents of the eZXML document stored in the ezorder.data_text_1 (variable/field).

I need to append three sibling items to the last in the 'shop_account' structure.

The document

The eZXML document contains the following example structure.

  <address1>7x Campus</address1>
  <address2>Suite 250</address2>

I could not find a way to modify an existing document simply this using any existing eZ code or API. I was pointed by a friend to use 'domxml' as an alternative to provide the features should need to modify an existing document without having to write code to regenerate it myself (which I did not really want to do, or think I should have too).

The code

The following is an example of the code used in this example solution

/* umm ... */

The summary

There are a number of solutions to this problem. This is simply one example for the next person trying to use, manipulate information stored (trapped) in ezxml / xml inside the eZ publish database content.